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Victoria Malloy -

Victoria Malloy, a new member of the Organic Make-Up Company’s creative team is a professional make-up artist specializing in fashion, film/tv, theatre, spfx and prosthetic make-up applications and designs.

Victoria has devoted her time and energy working in the Toronto film/tv and fashion industry on music videos, commercials, TV shows, short films, editorial photoshoots, promotional work and most recently film advertising. She has also contributed her skills and techniques as an associate consultant team make-up artist for various large cosmetic companies as well as freelance work for upscale salons in the downtown area. She has a strong background in visual arts and displays her contemporary artwork in bars and nightclubs throughout Toronto and participates in solo and group exhibitions on a regular basis.

Victoria is excited about The Organic Make-Up Company's new line of all natural cosmetics and hopes to contribute her artistic knowledge to the creative team. As a professional in the industry working on different faces on a regular basis, Victoria emphasizes the importance of skin care and the effects of harsh products on the skin and feels that OMC's new line will be a welcomed addition to the cosmetic world.

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